Thursday, October 16, 2014


We went to the pumpkin patch this week and brought back a BIG pumpkin. DJ actually helped plant this pumpkin himself back in April, sort of.

We went with our toddler group to this farm in April and one of the activities was to plant pumpkin seeds. While they had intended to take us out to the field to plant the seeds directly, it was still a little too cold still so they had us prep them in their greenhouse. Each child put a seed in a black pot and then wrote their name on the wooden stick. The names sticks were then kept in a group near the pumpkin plants in the field. You'll notice in this April picture, DJ was wearing a raincoat because it was raining.

In October, we returned to the pumpkin patch and found our pumpkin that was now VERY big! I did not get a lot of good pictures this day, because as you can see it was raining again.

I also didn't get a picture of the BiG pumpkin because once we had selected it, a farm hand scooped it up and carried it off for us! But DJ and I stayed a little longer to get a few toddler sized pumpkins.

In addition to getting our pumpkin, we also explored the corn maze with our homeschool group. DJ was thrilled with the muddy puddles and amazed at how tall the corn was. He was also covered from head to toe with mud by the time we came out of the maze.

We then went to another area of the farm and the kids panned for fossils. They are given a large bag of "rough" to put in the tray and then shake it in the stream of water running in front of them.  The last time we were here it was seashells. At another time it might be gems.  I didn't get a great picture of this because it was raining, my hands were wet and muddy and I was nervous DJ would drop the tray in the river of water and I'd have to chase it past all the kids!

When we got home, we sorted the fossils to the card they gave us. The back of the card has facts about each of the fossils. We received A LOT of sharks teeth, even more than in this picture.

And then we went into the barn for hot apple cider to warm up.

Happy October!!

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