Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Farm Life: Apple & Grape Picking

Our toddler group visited a U-Pick Farm owned and operated by a mom of two. It is incredible to think of the work she has put into this farm while also raising her daughters. Such an inspiration!

In addition to apple trees and grape vines, the farm has a fun mix of animals to visit with and feed.
Goats and sheep eating grape leaves

A cow eating apples offered by the children

Free range chickens hoping not to get eaten themselves. Keep laying eggs and your chances look good!

And two massive turkeys who gobble-gobbled every time the little dog barked

A lot of energy was burnt off running up and down the rows of grapes

And climbing apple trees

And pulling red wagons around the farm

With almost 30 kids in attendance, there are a lot more pictures of fun and antics that can't be shared here. And of course DJ has eaten 3 apples and a bunch of grapes already today. Yum!

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