Friday, October 17, 2014

Folding & Baking

We had a busy few days this week so we didn't do much with the Montessori shelves but as usual, there were a handful of activities.

This is something that is most exciting for me. This folding activity has been on the shelves for months, gathering dust. In fact, the last time he worked with them was back in June. He couldn't figure them out then, so he just rolled them like work mats. But today, he did it! He folded all 4 of them and was so proud of himself.

We also baked Apple Strudel Muffins this week. The recipe calls for the apples to be cubed. I peeled the apple and cut it into thin slices. DJ then used our handy food processor to dice them. It takes extra force at the end to push the fruit through and when it works, it makes a loud snapping sound. Every time that happened, DJ squealed with glee.

DJ also selected this matching game again. This time was a bit different though. I set it up for him and handed him one card at a time. He provided all of the commentary, describing what was on his card, asking himself what the opposite was and then finding the match. I was so impressed that he didn't need me to narrate anymore. Also, at one point he couldn't find the match right off. I told him to look at each one to be sure, so he picked them up one by one, examined them and then moved to the next. So orderly, so systematic. Just like a scientist eliminating false hypotheses to get to the truth. So fun to see the progress he's making.

And finally a tiny bit of Brown Stair activity. It's not in order and he mostly just wanted to drive his truck up it. He's also still avoiding his work mat and I'm not sure why or how I can get him to accept using it again. Anyone have any advice?

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