Monday, February 2, 2015

Science Experiment & More North America

DJ received this Primary Science Lab Set for his birthday a few months ago. It's been upstairs in his playroom until this morning when he came downstairs caring the whole box and saying, "Let's do this!"

The set came with a few idea cards so I went through them and chose "Mixing Impossible" which is a simple oil and water experiment. I did take photos but I'll warn you they are dark. It's hard to take time to get lighting right when your 3yo is playing with water, food coloring & oil!

First he added a little food coloring to the water. I missed the actual pouring shot, so this is a picture of him closing the food color bottle.

Next he poured the colored water from the beaker into a test tube. He is supposed to be using the funnel here but I didn't notice until later that he actually removed the funnel before starting to pour. He is so good with pouring these days though he really didn't need the funnel.

Then he used the eye dropper to transfer a few squirts of olive oil into the water.

Finally, he shook it all up. The yellow olive oil in the blue water turns a pretty green color. He let is settle and watched the oil float to the top.


Later DJ pulled the North America map out and wanted to match the flags again. He discovered if he uses the paper without the corkboard he can poke the flag in without my help. He also insisted on using the North America map for the Central America countries so they are really tiny and the flags are very close together. Of course he doesn't know the flags yet. He chooses and flag, I check my control list and tell him which country it is and then we find it on the map together. Every time the flag snaps through the paper, DJ says, "Pop!"

He also explored a few other things I have in the North America continent box. They include coins, stamps, the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, Mount Rushmore, Chichen Itza, a space shuttle and an alligator. I have a bunch of North American animals but they are not in the box yet. And I don't have a single stamp from Canada! Would anyone in Canada like to send me a couple stamps?

When we reviewed the country names, we also realized that my flag set did not include Greenland. It's odd to me that it does have Jamaica and Bahamas but not Greenland! So I googled for the Greenland flag, printed it out and glued it on to a toothpick. Tada! Greenland flag now included!

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