Sunday, February 22, 2015

Language Work

We did very little school last week but we did do some language work. DJ is very interested in writing but he hasn't wanted to learn any new letters.

He used the Botany Cabinet this week to trace the shapes with a small wooden dowel. I've tried to show him this before but he hadn't been interested. Now that we are working on proper pencil grip, he's more keen to practice this.

He then moved to the Metal Insets and you can see him trying to hold the pencil properly without my help. He hates having me help him with this! So I can only model and encourage.

Later when reviewing letters he wanted to try writing in the sand tray again. He had lost interest in this when he realized that it's hard to write the letters and I'm not going to let him play like it's a sand box. But this time he asked to try and did a couple of letters before moving on.

On another day this weekend, while dad & I were watching TV, DJ started to pretend to write. I was thrilled to see he was holding the pencil properly instead of his signature fist hold. But he consistently holds the pencil too far up. And since he won't let me correct him, I have to think of something else. I've decided to buy him a pin punching set to give him practice holding the pin with just the tips of his fingers. So hopefully I'll be blogging about that next week.

We also reviewed all the letters he has already done. Here he is checking to see if the raisin box is empty, which it is because he ate them all the first time I presented this letter! He still really loves the Alphatales books so they have been a GREAT addition to this work.

In this photo he is doing a sort between M & D objects. He's holding a milk carton and saying "m-m-milk". Yay. Unfortunately you can also see the domino on the M card. For that one he said "m-m-dommmino" putting stress on the M.

On another day, DJ randomly asked me, "what does (...) start with?" He didn't pronounce it right so I wasn't entirely sure what he said, something like rock or walk. I said "walk starts with /w/" and he replied, "no, no, wok!" So I said well, rock starts with /r/." At this he got frustrated and sighed. Then he held his hands together, palms facing out, and said, "the gate won't open because it's rocked."

Oh! Oh! Locked!! He can't pronounce L's yet. But he's asking me what sound it is. Wow. So I said, "lock starts with /l/". He said "r". I said "no, with your tongue behind your teeth" and made a slow, drawn out /l/. And he did it! Then I said "lock, lettuce, land, lake". And he repeated every one after me with a proper L sound.

I was so impressed, not just that he's asking about a sound that he can't make, or even that he was able to make it when told what to do with his tongue, but the way he figured out how to explain himself. THAT was amazing!

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