Thursday, January 1, 2015

It's MY job!

DJ has been helping with the fireplace a lot these days. Dad starts a fire nearly every evening and he's been teaching DJ not only how to start a fire but how to be safe around fire.

DJ's favorite job is scooping the old ash out and he insists on doing it every time, even when it's not really necessary. After using the shovel to scoop the ash out, he gets a dustpan and brush to sweep up any that spilled. Tonight when he ran to get the dustpan I heard him yell out, "I'm going to do it 'cuz it's MY job!!" I love his confidence.

Once the fireplace is clean, dad teaches him how to place a fire starter, paper and kindling to get a good foundation for the fire. He has taught DJ about the flue and opening the air vent to help the fire get started and then to close it a little to allow the fire to burn longer.

DJ feels so important to be involved in such a big task and he's also getting a strong sense of safety around fire. It's a practical life lesson that I'm very glad for him to get at such a young age.

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