Thursday, January 29, 2015

DJ's First Selfie

For his 3rd birthday, DJ received a camera, and not just any camera... a Nikon Coolpix S32.  The key features of this camera when purchased for a 3 year old?  Waterproof to 33ft, Shockproof to 5ft and only a few, large, easy-to-use buttons.  And he loves it!  In the three months since he has had this camera, he hasn't taken any masterpiece photography, but he has captured some interesting shots.  Well, some may only be interesting to him, but here is a brief view into the world through a child's eyes:

DJ's very first selfie!
DJ's Grandpa Dennis who he skypes with every Wednesday
Grandma Dianne
A few of his favorite things (and his thumb)

A very goofy look on mom's face

Ok so dad looks a little goofy too
Yes, he is the son of a homeschool blogger.  He sees me take pictures of his work all the time, so of course he had to take a picture too.

And these are his feet

Another goofy picture of mom.  If my husband had taken these I would have made him delete them!
A picture outside our front window.
More of his schoolwork, the camera strap and his feet again
Oh, you couldn't see his feet very well?  Here's a closer look.
Outside the window again.  Different day, same shot.
The window curtain?
The closet door?  You *almost* get to see his artwork to the right there.

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