Friday, July 17, 2015

Summer Fun & a Song

It has been a full three weeks since I last posted! That's the longest break since I started this blog just over a year ago. The lack of blog posts is mostly because we've been doing a lot of this...

DJ was also in a wedding last week. It was an interesting experience trying to explain "wedding" and "marriage" to a 3 year old. He started to understand at one point when I explained mommy and daddy are married. Then he said, "Oh! So they're going to be a mommy and a daddy now!" Um, well... not yet. I then tried to explain about love to which he declared, "Oh! I'm married!" I said he was not married and he replied, "But... I love you!" Hm.

I don't have any photos from the wedding yet but this is from the rehearsal. And no, DJ did not marry the cute girl in red, he was just a ring bearer this time.

DJ also attended an art class at the mall. It was an interesting experience. It was very "product focused" instead of the "process focus" we usually do. But DJ was very engaged and came home with an adorable train painting.

Although we haven't been doing much school lately, some of it does creep in.

We're still working on counting from 11-19. DJ definitely understands that the numbers are all 10+#, but he struggles with the vocabulary, particularly twelve and fifteen. He'll skip twelve altogether and still wants to say "fiveteen". And who can blame him?

Oh! DJ "read" his very first word! He received this toy as a gift for being ring bearer. As we were playing with it, I randomly asked him what this piece said. I think I expected him to say "I don't know" and then I probably would have pointed out the individual letters before reading it to him. But instead, without hesitation he replied, "That says zoo." Really?! Did my baby just read a word!!

DJ has shown a renewed interest in the Geometric Solids. I was quizzing him on which 3D shapes had sides that matched each of the 2D shapes. When I asked about the circle, he matched it to the plastic pedestal meant to hold the curved shapes and declared it "matched perfectly".

DJ has also become very creative with the Brown Stair. I wouldn't normally let him play with the materials like this but he is past the Brown Stair lessons and this wasn't during "official" school time. When he was done, he explained "this is a store where people who want to build something can come to get their wood". Haha!

And finally, I have to share DJ's love of music lately. Specifically his love of singing. He loves to make up little songs and I get such a kick out of them but I'm rarely ever in a position to catch a recording of one. But today I did! And it's such a cute little song titled "We need to go to the park". So I'm sharing it with you here for your listening pleasure. Happy summer!

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