Saturday, November 29, 2014

Thanksgiving Week

This was a short week with the Thanksgiving holiday. DJ selected the Brown Stair and Pink Tower together. Ever since I showed him examples on the internet he's been very interested in building them himself.

First he rebuilt the long chain that he had done before. He did this one from memory but skipped one if the blocks, so he just added it to the end. The first time he built this he had been disappointed that I didn't take any pictures of his work, so this time I took a video of it. I'll link it at the end.

Next we found this pattern online and DJ wanted to build it. But this one is very difficult to balance, especially at the beginning so I ended up doing nearly all of the work. But DJ was thrilled to see it complete.

Next DJ built this one. It took some effort for him to understand when to make a turn and which direction. He was really proud of himself when he finished.

I didn't get a good photo of this, but this is a new sound game I tried with DJ. I have a group of objects starting with R and another with B. I tried to get him to put the Rs on the red paper and the Bs on the blue. He started out okay but for some reason the bat really confused him and he kept calling it a rat. I actually had a rat in the R box so I tried setting them next to each other and point out the difference but he was frustrated. So in the end I just sorted them for him and let him put them away.

DJ has been asking me to read A LOT lately (which is great!) and a lot of his books have rhyming words at the end of each two sentence pairs. So after reading the book (sometimes a few times) I've begun to then read only the rhyming words on each page. Every so often I'll say "tails, fails, they both end in ails." I was pleasantly surprised that DJ has actually asked me to repeat this exercise a few times and even started adding his own "they both end in ..."

After the R & B sound game, DJ decided to cut up the paper into pieces. He is getting very skilled with his scissors.

Then he worked with his opposites cards again. I'm able to let him do this mostly himself now. It's probably too easy for him but he enjoys it so as long as he keeps choosing it I'll leave it on the shelf.

DJ brought out his knobbed cylinders again so I set up the distance matching game for him. We put the 10 cylinders from one block on the stairs. Then we put a stick in one of the holes. DJ studies the hole and runs to the stair to find the matching cylinder. We've done this one before too so he didn't even need my help.

Finally, I didn't get a picture of it, but DJ worked with the World Map puzzle again. He can almost say all of the continent names but doesn't always put the proper name with the correct puzzle piece. Once he's mastered that, I'll bring out the North America puzzle. If I can find a place to put it!

And that's all we did this week. So I'll leave you with the video of DJ building the Brown Stair Pink Tower extension. It's a little long so maybe not interesting to everyone but DJ loves to watch himself!

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