Friday, September 19, 2014

Practical Life: Care of Plants

Continuing our studies in the Practical Life album, I came across the section on Care of Plants. This is not my forte. I do not have a green thumb and plants tend to wither in my presence. I'm hoping to give DJ a chance to know more about plants. So we're starting simple with a house plant.

We went to the nursery and selected this Peace Lily and the supplies needed to care for it. In addition to being a beautiful plant, the tag said it was moderately easy to care for and that it's a great plant for cleaning the air.

He began by putting soil in the new flower pot that is to be the home of our plant.

Then he cleaned up the soil that didn't make it into the pot.

Then he watered the plant with his new watering pot.

And then cleaned up the water that he spilled. Oh so many chances to use practical life skills in this one little task!

The next day he spritzed the leaves with his new sprayer. This plant only needs to be watered once a week but it does enjoy having it's leaves moistened each day. Which satisfies DJ's desire to play with water each day.

Later in the week we visited a Botanical Garden. They gave him a magnifying glass and instructed him to look for three types of seeds, those spread by wind, spread by being carried or spread by being eaten.

It's been almost a week and the plant is still thriving. Fingers crossed it has a long, happy life!


  1. I don't have a green thumb either, but I'm planning to visit our nursery to pick out a hardy houseplant for the boys to care for. So far, we have 2 mini pots of grass, but that's just because we have a whole contractor bag of grass seeds, so in the spur of the moment we chose that. Bamboo is EXTREMELY hardy. It almost seems like it can't die. Ever. It doesn't even need to live in soil, just water. It does love humidity, so we put ours in the kitchen.

  2. Have fun at the nursery! Our plant has been here nearly two weeks and it's still green with pretty white flowers.