Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Helping Dad

DJ absolutely adores his dad and he also loves being useful. While he is too young to actually mow the lawn, he has decided to help in his own way. Every time my husband mows the lawn, DJ follows him with his tractor saying he's "helping daddy." If you look closely you'll see he's wearing boots and a pair of work gloves "just like dad."

Recently while mowing the lawn, the lawnmower stopped working. My husband deduced that the carburetor was clogged. Of course DJ was right there to help, making sure dad fixed it right!  This involved unscrewing the carburetor, which would allow some gas to leak out, so DJ is wearing one of dad's old T-shirts just to be safe.  In the upper picture he's removing the filter.  In the lower picture, he's pointing out to me how dirty it is, so that had to be replaced too.
Here he is making toast for daddy in the morning. This is something daddy couldn't possibly do on his own!!  DJ loves to help out in the kitchen.  This is one boy who will not starve as a future bachelor!
In this video he's helping daddy stack firewood, or rather un-stack firewood that had fallen and needed to be stacked again. Okay, so it is obvious he isn't really being helpful here, but he's got the boots and work gloves on!
Finally, helping to open daddy's birthday present. Now what self-respecting toddler would pass up THAT opportunity!!  This gift is a new circular saw, which I'm sure DJ would LOVE to get a lesson on.

All joking aside, I love these daddy-son moments and I'm really looking forward to the years ahead when DJ WILL be a help. Then this duo will be a force to reckon with!  Empower the child and he will go far.

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